Aberdeen: night

5 12 2016


Nighttime stroll through Aberdeen – a Porsche parked outside a pawn store, empty Tsui Wah and a surprise dragon.

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BKK street

4 04 2016

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29 12 2015




New discovery

28 11 2015


Last weekend, following my run, friends took us to a cute little restaurant in a hitherto-unknown neighbourhood, Ma Tau Kok, around To Kwa Wan Road. In the shadow of the trans-Kowloon expressway, its a somewhat scuffy residential area, with brightly painted old buildings, lively traditional shopping streets and little restaurants with retro awnings – a fun place to explore. I took a long, tired but happy walk back through Ho Man Tin, past a flower market and a funeral home, plus several examples of charmingly ugly 1960s architecture, through the university and by the jaggedly streamlined Twenty-first century edifice of the Innovation Tower, to Tsim Sha Tsui to meet a friend for coffee.




Sunny day in Kowloon

28 11 2015


The most beautiful street in the world?

26 05 2015

Rua Goncalo de Carvalho has recently popped up all over the internet, breathlessly introduced as the “most beautiful street in the world.” It certainly looks pretty special, shaded by green Bolivian rosewood trees planted in the 1930s and now enclosing the street entirely from the air in a green, leafy tunnel. The street is located in the Southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, noted for its progressive politics and (relative) wealth. The city is also a powerful cultural force in Brazil, home to artists Henrique Oliveira and Bruno 9Li and singers like Adriana Calcanhoto (below) and the great Elis Regina.

Melbourne street

8 08 2014