27 03 2017


23 02 2017


Bangkok: design city

18 02 2017

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The Thai capital continues to blossom as a design force with this co-working space in the Habito mall recently awarded a prestigious prize from Archdaily magazine for “Best interior of 2017”.

Below, street art from Lisbon artist Vhils on the wall of the historic Portuguese embassy, marking the four hundred year old ties between Thailand and Portugal, one of its first Western traders, who left a now-almost-vanished expat community on the Thonburi side of the river for centuries.


Subhashok The Art Centre, an impressive concrete structure in the leafy Sukhumvit hinterland, is another addition to the city’s growing and impressive art scene, with mural by Cece Nobre.

Subhashok-the-Arts-Centre-S.A.C._article_full.jpg IMG_7202.JPG

And finally hair salon Klinsuwan reconnect with the city’s Southeast Asian roots, through walls of golden bamboo.




Queens Road West

26 01 2017

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Melbourne street art

4 01 2017

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31 12 2016


Fitzroy street

31 12 2016

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