BKK ruins

19 04 2017


20160910dw21 copy-S.jpg

With swathes of central Bangkok facing the wrecking ball, its a good time to discover the urbex photography of Dax Ward, who has documented the ruins of Bangkok’s ghost skyscrapers, train and aeroplane graveyards and sites like this abandoned Cape Crusader-themed nightclub on Pattaya’s ‘Soi Batman’.


See more at daxward.com.

BKK fashion moment

19 04 2017


From Tossapol Boonk Boonyatanapiwat.

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Life is art

19 04 2017

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The work of artist Gaku.


10 04 2017


I spent a fun afternoon on the water-logged streets of Kowloon Tong celebrating the Songkran Thai New Year, complete with a confetti-festooned Buddha paraded through the streets, fraught dodging of water “snipers” and stops in the park to look at the ruins of the old Walled City and watch Thai dancers. Plus: lunch in the brutalist Cooked Food Centre, and one of favourite eccentric local stores, Hong Kong Treasure, with its tin toys, busts, 1980s designerware and art deco jewellery in a gloomy, Gothic building opposite the Walled City park.

IMG_8868 IMG_8863

Bangkok werewolf

8 04 2017

The new Thai celebrity trend – pet werewolves.


New Interpretation of the Paradoxical World

8 04 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.35.03 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.38.44 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.38.55 PM

Currently on show at Bangkok’s Nova gallery,  Narissara Pianwimungsa’s New Interpretation of the Paradoxical World.

Korean drag queens, Thai hipsters

11 03 2017

Above, the video for Korean folk maverick Lang Lee and below, Bangkok hipster posse         X0809.