Dinner at Le Du

11 08 2017


Teutonic flair

11 08 2017


Nothing speaks more to Bangkok’s open-mindeness than its latest culinary crush, haute German cuisine diner, Suhring. Yes, you read that right. In a city home to one of the world’s finest, and fieriest, cuisines, German food is the latest “in” thing. And franky, the restaurant does not disappoint. The meal we ate there was perhaps the best we had in the city: surprising, hearty yet delicate and recognisably German dishes served up with an interesting wine selection in a sprawling Sathorn villa surrounded by tropical greenery.




Bread and heartache

5 08 2017


Holey is a stylish-looking artisanal bakery on Sukhumvit Soi 33. I had passed it earlier in the week, and waking up craving crusty European bread, I decided to make my way back. While googling for directions though, I turned up more than I had expected. First of all I was surprised to read that the hipster haven was an import from Bangladesh. In fact, the business is a refugee of sorts – having originally started in Dhaka it opened in Bangkok following a harrowing terrorist attack in 2016. ISIS-inspired militants had burst in, killing 20 customers (after torturing those who could not recite a passage from the Koran, including seven Japanese aid workers). I read this munching on my baguette in the cafe’s stylish and friendly Bangkok space, pondering what would have happened had I been in Dhaka that day. Why had a bread shop been a target? Was it simply a place where foreigners congregated, or was it more an scathing comment on the life of leisure enjoyed by expats in a country where few could afford 100 baht (or the equivalent) for a just-baked bread loaf?  The Bangkok bakery that day was certainly full of the fair and the moneyed, Phrom Phong beautiful people, Australian and European expats. And was I then “the enemy” too? Lots to chew over as I enjoyed my bread and butter.

Food food food

18 07 2017


This weekend I tried some interesting new dishes: fatty and delicious pork cooked in spicy Hunanese sauce and served in fresh, doughy bread from Cafe Hunan, a fermented squid paste in a Japanese restaurant (it was called “pirate” on the menu) and this astonishing vegetarian Hainan “chicken” rice at one of my favourite places, Veggie SF. It looked and tasted delicious!

Samsen: Thai food in Wanchai

15 07 2017


Samsen is a buzzy and much-talked-about hipster noodle joint, housed in a (pretty good) approximation of a Thai shophouse, relocated from the banks of the Chao Phraya to the backstreets of  Wanchai. Although noodles are the specialty, it was the desserts that proved the real standout – coconut ice cream with sweet corn and pandanus glutinous rice balls in salted warm coconut milk. Yum!




21 05 2017


Tangy yuzu icecream, served in a frozen yuzu – the higlight of a meal in a faux-Hokkaido restaurant with very un-Japanese florid red wallpaper, loud piano music and a lovely waitress from Cebu, on Friday night.

Eat with your eyes

6 05 2017


Hokkaidon at Taikoo Shing.

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