21 05 2017


Tangy yuzu icecream, served in a frozen yuzu – the higlight of a meal in a faux-Hokkaido restaurant with very un-Japanese florid red wallpaper, loud piano music and a lovely waitress from Cebu, on Friday night.

Eat with your eyes

6 05 2017


Hokkaidon at Taikoo Shing.

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Tropical tastes

18 04 2017

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28 02 2017


Up in an escalator of trippy flashing eyes to a dinner of hot sake, crispy burdock sticks, succulent yakitori and fragrant ochazuke on a cold Friday night – with a lively conversation on “authenticity” in food. Perfect!



12 02 2017


おでん, Japanese winter comfort food, which we ate at a cute little Tokyo-style ramen bar we discovered in the “Rat Alley” under the Soho escalator. Perfect for cold nights.

Banh xeo street

7 02 2017

Eating cheaply and well is one of the highlights of any Vietnam trip and we feasted on roadside noodles served with pungent vegemite-y fish paste and sweet pink onions. These were delicious, but would leave me knocked out a few hours later with a blazing MSG hangover. We also saw oysters frying on the street, frog, and ate local specialities like the cao lao noodles in Hoi An, thick and springy with crunchy pork crackling in a fragrant broth, or bamboo soup.

In Danang our biggest discovery was the “Banh xeo” street,  an alleyway really, home to rowdy, napkin-strewn restaurants serving the Vietnamese crepes stuffed with beans and shrimps, accompanied by satay sticks of beef.

Afterwards we would walk up to Highlands Coffee, one of the city’s innumerable high-decibel “ca phes” serving evening crowds sugar-loaded coffee drinks and weirdly, absolutely no food.

For dessert, the place to go was AVA, a tiny patisserie in a mouldy little room that served the absolute best chocolate cakes I have ever tasted.

Hoi An: the white rose

7 02 2017