Spinning Around

1 05 2017

Spinning Around

I was gonna…

25 12 2016

The much-hated clip for one of Kylie’s most unpopular singles, by Melbourne avant garde director Dimitri Basil.  I have to say, I love it (sorry, not sorry).

Kylie: showgirl

25 12 2016

img_2564 img_2551

Resplendent in the brass-and-plush-velvet foyer of the Victorian Arts Centre is this free exhibition of stage costumes by hometown showgirl Kylie Minogue. These range from her Hajime Sorayama robo-muse (circa “Can’t get You Out of My Head”) to Aussie-flag emblazoned and heavily shoulder-pad-endowed 1980s jackets.

Kylie’s disco Christmas

28 11 2016


A bonus track from the French and Italian versions of Kylie’s re-issued Christmas album of last year (dubbed the Snow Queen edition.) This continuation of her Christmas project consists of an oddly winning formula of high-calibre Minogue pop, quirky renditions of Christmas standards and knowingly camp Baz Luhrman-esque renditions of nineties club hits – plus this. Somehow, it all works.

Do it Again..

17 10 2016

Kylie’s Glacier of love

19 06 2016

Kylie Minogue took the stage this week as a surprise guest of singer John Grant, to perform a verse of his song “Glacier” in response to the Orlando massacre.

It was, to my mind, the perfect gesture – poised, eloquent and angrily heartbroken.

Listen to the lyrics carefully.


5 12 2015