Taste of the tropics

11 08 2017


Above, the salak or snakefruit, and below two herbal drinks at new cafe 103 on Chinatown’s Soi Nana. The blue concoction is a refreshing butterfly pea juice and the brown liquid is a drink made from the mathum, or bael fruit, a sour fruit about the size of an orange which is sometimes made into candies. Two families on a single Thornburi street have produced the mathum candies for generations.


Bread and heartache

5 08 2017


Holey is a stylish-looking artisanal bakery on Sukhumvit Soi 33. I had passed it earlier in the week, and waking up craving crusty European bread, I decided to make my way back. While googling for directions though, I turned up more than I had expected. First of all I was surprised to read that the hipster haven was an import from Bangladesh. In fact, the business is a refugee of sorts – having originally started in Dhaka it opened in Bangkok following a harrowing terrorist attack in 2016. ISIS-inspired militants had burst in, killing 20 customers (after torturing those who could not recite a passage from the Koran, including seven Japanese aid workers). I read this munching on my baguette in the cafe’s stylish and friendly Bangkok space, pondering what would have happened had I been in Dhaka that day. Why had a bread shop been a target? Was it simply a place where foreigners congregated, or was it more an scathing comment on the life of leisure enjoyed by expats in a country where few could afford 100 baht (or the equivalent) for a just-baked bread loaf? ┬áThe Bangkok bakery that day was certainly full of the fair and the moneyed, Phrom Phong beautiful people, Australian and European expats. And was I then “the enemy” too? Lots to chew over as I enjoyed my bread and butter.

Day 8 am Sukhumvit Soi 26 9.30am

29 07 2017


“Baker’s gonna bake” cafe: cute space, good coffee but disappointing bread for a self-proclaimed bakery.

Day 9 Yarden X Craftsman Cafe 9.00am

29 07 2017


A cafe in the Sathorn backstreets housed in an eighty year-old green timber house, next to a bonsai farm.


Day 6 Saphan Kwai 9am

26 07 2017


Day 1 Ansell & Elliott cafe 11am

24 07 2017


Saphan Kwai hipster!


21 05 2017


How Department was a surprise – a spacious, concrete-floored old factory space in Kwun Tong converted into a chic (and well-attended) cafe and clothing and homewares store. They also carry a full range of the d47 guidebooks for prefectures of Japan.