New vs old

12 08 2017

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Death by plastic

11 08 2017


Of Bangkok’s environmental problems – a sinking water table, stinking canals, the clearing of the city’s trees – its choking addiction to plastic is one of the most visible. With its delicious culture of street food (where snacks are frequently served in styrofoam and/or double bagged) and in its plastic-happy 7-11s the city churns through a frightening amount of single-use plastics. Indeed, Thailand is one of the five South East Asian nations said to be responsible for 60% of all the plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

Bangkok-based Norwegian photographer Ben Zander is seeking to raise awareness of the issue (as well as money to supply 7-11s with paper bags.) His project is a photo series called “Death by plastic” featuring Thai celebs (like the host of the Face Thailand here) posing against plastic pollution.

The pictures will be auctioned for the cause.

24 07 2017


Face off

18 07 2017


Photo shoot from Kaltblut magazine.

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This breaks the world…

18 07 2017

15 07 2017


On humans and sharks

15 07 2017


An exhibition currently on show at the Hong Kong Maritime museum, next to the Star Ferry pier.