Super deluxe: the gay party dens of Sao Paulo

27 08 2015

It’s been an in-joke for some time that although the gay community loves to hold itself up as an enclave of aesthetes, fashionistas and interior designers, there is scant evidence of this in the tawdry places it choose to socialise in. Not so in Sao Paulo, though (well, dodgy downtown bar Cantho perhaps excepted…) But does any city in the world do high voltage homosexual decadence better than Sampa?

Above: Hot Hot. And below, the astoundingly chic Yacht.

See more amazing Brazilian club interiors on the blog here.

Jaloo’s Sampa insight

19 08 2015

Sao Paulo hipster o’clock!


28 03 2015

Brazilian DJ due Selvagem. You can listen below to their mixtape, Beats+Space. The pair are playing in Sao Paulo this weekend at one of their monthly Selvagem parties.

Sao Paulo, mon amour…

21 12 2014

Bearded North American hipster takes a fun video tour of Sao Paulo. One of the youtube comments, in reference to the city’s current drought, said “typical hipster blah blah, don’t come here there is no water.”

For MY hipster guide to South America’s craziest city ;) – see here.

Or you can read my short essay on the city here.

Henrique Oliveira: into the woods

8 11 2014

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira is obsessed by the sensual and organic forms of wood, as seen in his Porto Alegre “Monster House” above and the oversized labyrinthine “roots” of his new show in Sao Paulo, “Transarquitectura”.

Pélico: Você Não Entende Nada

21 10 2014

New Brazilian artist Pélico covers Caetano Veloso.

Barbara Eugenia: Dropping (hipster) bombs

9 08 2014

An eye-catching new video, and breathy new sound, for Brazilian singer Barbara Eugenia (above) and below, from her last album.


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