Sounds of a city

12 08 2017


It impossible to separate a city from your subjective experience of it. Fifteen years ago on my first European tour I arrived in Barcelona depressed and as a result, I found the city cold and unwelcoming. I’ve never warmed to it since. So for me, Bangkok will always now be intertwined with “Despacito” (I was slow to catch on to that one), memories of Games of Thrones watched on computer screens on hotel beds, and the strange discovery of a youtube channel full of deep house remixes with Japanese animation montage video clips – the soundtrack to morning jogs and Nice Palace days.

Bangkok reading matter

4 08 2017


All this, plus a strange book in the Japan Foundation Library, “Vita Sexualis” by Mori Ogai, the sexual autobiography of Japan’s 1909 Chief military surgeon!



Day 8 8pm Sala Daeng

29 07 2017


So its come to this: my wild night out in Silom on this trip was a wingbean salad at Baan Ying, and an overpriced coffee on the terrace of the new Dean & Deluca, watching the world going by, and listening to Mariya Takeuchi. 😉


24 07 2017

JoJolionV13 JoJolionV09

While shopping in the vast new “Animate” manga superstore in the MBK mall I came across the Thai editions of this hitherto unknown series – Jojolion, about the pyschedelic adventures of a waifish boy in a tight sailorsuit. Apparently it was Japan’s third-best selling manga series in 2011, and also popular in Thailand . You learn something new every day.



2 07 2017


Images by Inu Yoshi (犬義).

IMG_2027 IMG_2009

The art of Gengoroh Tagame

18 06 2017


Above, new Tagame-inspired swimwear from hipster manga company Massive and below, the infamous bath at Ueno’s 24 Kaikan.

A Hong Kong state of mind

10 06 2017


Tokyo house heroes Mondo Grosso with their new video, a virtual paeon to Hong Kong fimed in Quarry Bay and on Temple Street.