Two days, two nights

27 03 2017


Friday night- the premiere of the new Hong Kong movie “Mad World”, starring former model Shawn Yue as a recovering psychiatric patient battling prejudice as well as his own demons. The director and writer were in attendance.

Saturday night – A delicious Thai dinner at Chachawan, complete with the dessert of the gods, khanom dtom or glutinous rice balls in warm, salted coconut milk.

Sunday – a Japanese property show in the gaudy 1980s Sheraton hotel, sweet potato French fries at Floom Floom, a cafe tucked on the eighth floor of a Tsim Sha Tsui block decorated with artwork by illustrator Shibata Keiko, and then a dinner of sesame fried turnip cakes among the pimps and hookers at Kung Fu Dim Sum on Portland Street.

The art of Izumi Kato

19 03 2017


Spanish eye on Japan

9 03 2017


The Spanish photography duo , inspired by Japan.

IMG_7838 IMG_7841  IMG_7836

Body of work

9 03 2017


The art of Mari Katayama, who suffers from the rare disorder tibial hemimelia.

IMG_7828 IMG_7829  IMG_7830

Current reading…

6 03 2017

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 6.47.12 PM.png


Celebrity endorsement

2 03 2017


Top, Trevante Rhodes for Calvin Klein; bottom, Tokyo it-girl (somewhat tarnished by last year’s instagram scandal) Kiko Mizuhara, flogging Bangkok’s perenially empty Central Embassy Mall and centre, Gigi Hadid’s powerful, perplexing cover shot for the new Vogue Arabia. What does it mean? Super-superficial American celeb trying on her identity as the world’s most contested nationality (she is half-Palestinian) like a glittery rag, soon to be disposed of? Fashion co-opting Islamism, or the reverse? Is Vogue grovelling to conservative religious figures or sending  them a message of contempt? The image’s ambiguity is what gives it such power.


28 02 2017


Up in an escalator of trippy flashing eyes to a dinner of hot sake, crispy burdock sticks, succulent yakitori and fragrant ochazuke on a cold Friday night – with a lively conversation on “authenticity” in food. Perfect!