1 05 2017


Instagram feed shots from Melbourne’s Honcho Disko Party, which looks like it is well worth checking out (above), and Thai actress Araya Chompoo Hargate (below). Despite her fashion icon status, her personal instagram styling has, to my eyes, more misses than hits. This is one of the exceptions.


And finally, Francois Sagat visits my favourite Paris museum, the Musee de la Chasse et Nature.

IMG_9953 IMG_9943

The Experimentalists

25 04 2017

The wonders of the internet – who knews this existed? Bjork in her peak-Bjork late 1990s incarnation hosting a TV chat show with Estonian avant garde composer Arvo Part, whose expansive, soothing work was unknown to me and has now been gloriously revealed.

Thanks Bjork!

Big Time Sensuality

18 04 2017


8 04 2017

Excuse me…

3 04 2017

…I just have to explode.

I’ll be the next installment… ;)

26 01 2017

She’s still got it…

15 01 2017


The glorious return of a fashion icon, as Faye Wong serves some classic Faye looks at her 2016 Shanghai concert (which was also filmed for VR release).

img_4947img_4946 img_4950