Big Time Sensuality

18 04 2017


8 04 2017

Excuse me…

3 04 2017

…I just have to explode.

I’ll be the next installment… ;)

26 01 2017

She’s still got it…

15 01 2017


The glorious return of a fashion icon, as Faye Wong serves some classic Faye looks at her 2016 Shanghai concert (which was also filmed for VR release).

img_4947img_4946 img_4950

Kylie’s disco Christmas

28 11 2016


A bonus track from the French and Italian versions of Kylie’s re-issued Christmas album of last year (dubbed the Snow Queen edition.) This continuation of her Christmas project consists of an oddly winning formula of high-calibre Minogue pop, quirky renditions of Christmas standards and knowingly camp Baz Luhrman-esque renditions of nineties club hits – plus this. Somehow, it all works.

New Solange

2 10 2016


Coming on the heels of Franks Ocean’s universe of a record “Blond,” the Blood Orange album “Freetown Sound” and her own sister’s “Lemonade” comes Solange’s own statement piece the state of black America: “A Seat at the Table.” On first listen the album grooves prettily through its lush tracks, but lacks the punch of some of her other work. But perhaps it is aiming at something different this time, as it is already worming in under my skin after one or two listens…