27 03 2017


Hong Kong hidden places #1: Mum’s not home

27 03 2017

IMG_8413 IMG_8385

Mum’s Not Home is one of my new favorite Hong Kong hangouts. We first noticed it as a neon light shining in the window of an old Yau ma Tei tenement building, and then climbed up the chipped stairs to find a painted door.


Ringing the bell, we were ushered into a room filled with ferns, racks of colourful clothes on sale, artworks, a papier mache monkey’s head and an oversized menu of sweet drinks and cakes. Avant garde French electro was playing and a saffron-haired HK hipster was taking pictures with his boyfriend against the lush greenery, while a middle-aged woman scooped up rubber dinosaurs on sale.

IMG_8553 IMG_8438

I immediately fell in love.

Hong Kong hidden places #2

27 03 2017


Sam’s vinyl museum, on the 12th floor of Causeway Bay’s  Nam Hing Fong building is a small, windowless room housing a plush collection of rare and expensive vinyl records, entered only on condition of sitting through a “lecture” on their history and worth from their excitable owner.

Hong Kong hidden places #3

27 03 2017

IMG_8326 IMG_8319 IMG_8316

Hidden behind this tiny door in Pok Fu Lam village, opposite the bus stop on Pok Fu Lam Road, is perhaps Hong Kong’s smallest dim sum joint. I’ve never been inside – it seems to be open on weekday afternoons when I’m at work, but one day….

Two days, two nights

27 03 2017


Friday night- the premiere of the new Hong Kong movie “Mad World”, starring former model Shawn Yue as a recovering psychiatric patient battling prejudice as well as his own demons. The director and writer were in attendance.

Saturday night – A delicious Thai dinner at Chachawan, complete with the dessert of the gods, khanom dtom or glutinous rice balls in warm, salted coconut milk.

Sunday – a Japanese property show in the gaudy 1980s Sheraton hotel, sweet potato French fries at Floom Floom, a cafe tucked on the eighth floor of a Tsim Sha Tsui block decorated with artwork by illustrator Shibata Keiko, and then a dinner of sesame fried turnip cakes among the pimps and hookers at Kung Fu Dim Sum on Portland Street.

Dinner time

27 03 2017

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Writing is on the wall

27 03 2017


HK street art projet HK Walls in back, after last years event in Sham Shui Po, this time closer to home in my own neighbourhood of Wong Chuk Hang. Sad to say though that my own verdict was less than glowing. Many of the pieces were just not that strong aesthetically, in my view. In some cases, I thought the walls would have been better left blank.

IMG_8248 IMG_8227 IMG_8222 IMG_8204