New Shanghai landmark

21 06 2017


The graceful moving facade of the new Bund Finance Centre, Shanghai.

31 05 2017

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Southeast Asia Weird

17 05 2017


In just about the least horrifying news out of Indonesia this week (scroll up) , the decomposing body of a “sea monster” washed up on one of its beaches. It is, most likely, the carcass of a whale.


Meanwhile Bangkok experienced a new food fad, with a bakery in Pathum Thani gaining online fame for this adorable/creepy dog-shaped coconut puddings. Can’t wait to eat on of these puppies…literally.


And finally in Singapore, a new “vending machine” for luxury cars opened in the form of an arrestingly designed showroom where with the flick of a switch you can “select” the car you want to test.

HK googie

16 05 2017

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“Googie” was a 1950s architectural movement centred in Los Angeles. It celebrated the sharp angles and aerodynamic planes of the automobile age to leave a legacy of gas stations, motels and freeway diners designed to evoke the sleek jetset age. Reading about the now obscure movement, I realised that there is actually a (modest) example much closer to home in a building I have always enjoyed: the Esso gas station on Wong Chuk Hang Road, with its clean concrete lines.


10 05 2017


Emmanuelle Moureaux’s Forest of Numbers at Tokyo’s National Art Center.


The elusive rainbow

1 05 2017


On the way back from Sai Kung, my minibus stopped at Choi Hung and I hopped out to look for a Hong Kong icon – the much photographed basketball courts at the Choi Hung “Rainbow” public housing estate, often used as a kitschy backdrop for fashion shoots.


I was unsuccessful though. Although I located the brightly coloured towers, the exact and frequently-shot view of the basketball courts eluded me. A website I consulted had directed me towards the roof of the carpark which seemed to be closed; perhaps the residents are tired of being a tongue-in-cheek fashion punchline?

I did however wander into the interior of some of the blocks – which seemed much more drab, and indeed soul-crushingly dystopian, on the inside….


Singapore: art

1 05 2017


A stunning installation in Singapore of giant, luminous crocheted sea urchins (!!) by Korean and American architectural firm Choi & Shine.