18 01 2012

Brazil’s World Cup may be around the corner but the country has already been kicking lots of goals, from saving the Amazon , to slashing its crime rate (murders have halved in Sao Paulo in five years). Last week the country also reached another milestone – it (quietly) surpassed the UK as the world’s sixth-largest economy.

While the country’s economic boom has pushed the ‘real’ to parity with the US dollar and lifted millions of out of poverty, the biggest winners, as always, have been the rich. Brazil’s recent economic progress is creating 19 new millionaires each day. And with Rio Fashion Week on right now, what better time to get acquainted with the bossa nova riche?

New television series “Mulheres Ricas (rich women)” promises just that. The show started this month and has stirred up plenty of criticism for its fawning footage of incredibly wealthy gal pals (one called “Brunete”) . It is the Real Housewives of Leblon.

In this episode, one millionairess inspects a new private jet. “Is just like buying a new top,” she says.

D’s new crush

8 10 2011

D has a raging crush on Oli Pettigrew, the Hong Kong-born male model and now cable TV host. Oli pops up frequently on Star TV, spruiking late night movies or presenting an extended advertorial called something like “Sony Wonder Land”. He also has a new series which seems to involve him driving a cab around various South East Asian cities. Despite the naffness of the job, he does have an undeniable and very British charm, that kind of cheeky twinkle-in-the-eye, plummy accent and killer cheekbones. I can definitely see the attraction.

Apparently he is huge in Indonesia.

The Interzone

8 10 2011

One of the movies Oli Pettigrew played recently was this 1980s Italian B-movie about a medieval-style post-apocalyptic future where campy female bodybuilders do battle with buff heroes in plunging necklines, male soldiers make out and a Christ-like Asian called “Panasonic” teams up with a foxy blonde to save some kind of vague and unspecified ‘treasure’.

It was mesmerizing.

If you ever see “The Interzone” on a late night TV schedule, set your recorder!

My favourite Chinese TV commercial

18 05 2011

Guess why.

Awful Thai pop song …

6 05 2011

…that I had stuck in my head this week after a friend posted it on his facebook. Its by the Kingdom’s top girl group Girlyberry – or rather two members of it, the group having now split into two “subunits” to pump out more product, a trick learnt from K-pop.

The video features an interesting fashion statement (syringes in the hair), a featured rap from a member of Bangkok B-boys “Thaitanium” and a cute Hungarian male model.

It’s all very lowbrow and Gaga-lite; hard to believe one of these girls starred in Pen-ek Rataruang’s understated and supremely stylish (though not particularly scary) art-horror film “Nymph”.

K-Town: Asians get trashy

13 04 2011

Move over tiger moms, its time for Jersey Shore. With Asians!

Few people are as neurotic about their portrayal in the media as Asian-Americans ( see this ) but hilarious, awful new “reality” show “K-Town” (based around the lives and err, loves of a group of hawt Azns in LA’s Korean district) is exposing something of a double standard: so Asians are sick of always being sexless geeks? But then they don’t want to be brainless sluts either?? A sample of some of the comments on youtube (always a goldmine)  included:

“I am an Asian myself and I am deeply horrified and offended by this show.”

“Oh America. I weep for your youth.” 

“This is why we need North Korea”

“This does not change the fact that as a group, Asians are smarter, healthier, more productive & do better than round-eye Ameritards”

“nice korean bbq and karaoke …. and then after a long night of partaying they go home and do some advance calculus …….”

The show is also a ‘star vehicle’ for narcissistic bodybuilder and “gay porn star” (well, he is not so much gay as courting the gay market and not so much a ‘star’ as a self promoter) Peter Le.  He is also a go go boy at LA gay K-pop clubs “Gameboi” and “Masturbasian” (both awesome names):

Hmmm. The show just got better.

The L Word

4 06 2009

Welcome to my new obsession. Although the show was axed this year after a successful six-year run, I have only just been getting into it. There is something about the hyper-stylised and glamorous lives of this bunch of L.A. power-lesbians that (unlikely as it may seem) is quite addictive.

Up the top is my favorite, Shane, (played by Gwyneth Paltrow’s cousin Katherine Moennig) and below is the China Doll-pretty, always exquisitely dressed and insufferably annoying Jenny: