10 04 2017

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Korean drag queens, Thai hipsters

11 03 2017

Above, the video for Korean folk maverick Lang Lee and below, Bangkok hipster posse         X0809.


The Two Koreas

23 02 2017

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Transglobal underground

23 02 2017


It has been a flurry of activity lately, with various cool projects crisscrossing the globe. Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes and Bangkok’s Paradise Mo Lam Orchestra are arriving in Melbourne for the contemporary Asian arts festival Asiatopa. Melbourne’s Trough X party meanwhile is exploring another continent, branching out to London while Korean gay hipster magazine Duiro is popping-up in Seoul.

21st century boy

12 02 2017

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Meet the new face of Seoul, 16-year-old Nigerian-Korean model Han Hyun Min, who broke out at this year’s Seoul Fashion Week. Sign o’ the times.


Jihae, “The Model”

25 01 2017

Je Yeo Ran

15 01 2017

G-Dragon-approved abstract expressionism from Korea.

img_4920 img_4919 20161105113827_painting_02_usquam_nusquam_112x146cm_oil_on_canvas_2016