22 10 2016


Beauty isn’t everything…

22 10 2016

With its lingering pauses, jerky dialogue and plotless re-iteration of a rather cliched point (“the fashion industry is, like, mean”) this is not a movie that will please everyone. But, but, but. It is also ravishingly beautiful to look at, and in its spaces and its silences, weirdly hypnotic. The pulsing, insistent electro soundtrack, the wonderful face of Jena Malone and Abbey Lee’s revelatory stick-thin Aussie badass chick villain made it, for me, one of the films of the year.

Green typhoon

22 10 2016


Port in a storm

22 10 2016


The best thing about the storm – which turned out to be a bit of a nonevent – was that all the fishing boats came in to shelter, moored just outside my house, and Aberdeen reverted to its old self, a fishing village once more. You could walk by the boats and peer in voyeuristically to see cats prowling onboard and spooky shrines glowing and groups of shirtless men playing mahjong in darkened rooms, and everything smelt like brine and diesel.

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Bracing for impact

20 10 2016


The mega-typhoon which caused flash-floods across the city last night, is scheduled to hit the Guangdong coast within 100 kilometres of Hong Kong tomorrow…


Lush life

20 10 2016


The cafe murals and illustrations of Melbourne’s Robert Bowers.

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20 10 2016


While browsing at Kubrick’s, this blog’s favourite Hong Kong cafe and art book hipster hangout, I stumbled across this strange object earlier in the week and I immediately felt a keen pang of homesickness and nostalgia. It is, in case you are wondering, an essential oil fragrance diffuser, carved out of the case of the Australian banksia bush nut. Such a quintessentially Australian sight, beautiful and yet weirdly alien to the Eurocentric gaze, appearing in a totally unexpected context. I bought it immediately, and I love it. It reminds me of the “banksia men,” villains in the 1918 childrens’ book “The Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddle Pie,” which I had once derided as the height of tacky, cringeworthy Australiana kitsch, until I had seen the classic illustrations featured in a shirt by ubercool designer Eley Kishimoto in Tokyo’s So-En magazine: another re-evaluation of something I had once not appreciated.