18 07 2017


Rain, rain, rain. Its been a soggy few days in Hong Kong with thunderstorms sweeping through the city, gushing subtropical rains and occassionally lighter showers falling across the grey, gloomy city. Socks are soaked and cold water has been running down my back all day. Kind of nice to be home now in my cozy little apartment, listening to the raindrops and listening to the rolling thunder – but at the same time, some sun tomorrow would be nice.

Fight or flight?

18 07 2017


I’ve noticed this sticker? mural? on the side of several HK minibuses. No idea what it signifies though.

The Leftovers

18 07 2017

Such a strange and interesting programme…

Food food food

18 07 2017


This weekend I tried some interesting new dishes: fatty and delicious pork cooked in spicy Hunanese sauce and served in fresh, doughy bread from Cafe Hunan, a fermented squid paste in a Japanese restaurant (it was called “pirate” on the menu) and this astonishing vegetarian Hainan “chicken” rice at one of my favourite places, Veggie SF. It looked and tasted delicious!

What’s cooking?

18 07 2017


Philippines TV celebrity chef JP Anglo.

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Face off

18 07 2017


Photo shoot from Kaltblut magazine.

IMG_3025 IMG_3026

This breaks the world…

18 07 2017