25 04 2015

A Murakami moment

25 04 2015

Directly behind my apartment there is a forested hill. It has always been one of my favourite things about my place – the wall of green and mini-wilderness rising up on one side, with a glinting sliver of the harbour on the other.

Ten storeys up, I often leave my windows open on the hill-facing side, to catch the breeze from the trees and to hear the calls of the kestrels and the insects, flying about in the woods. Down below there is a pathway for maintenance workers, almost never used. Here, I sometimes see plump cats sunning themselves on the concrete by a drain cover, lazing away their days in this quiet spot surrounded by the trees and then the city.

I always wonder about them. Are they feral? Or do they creep back to housing estate blocks as night falls, their owners with no idea of where they have been?

One day a little while ago as I was looking out my window, I saw something unexpected. A person. A middle-aged, seemingly well-dressed woman was walking along the pathway. Of course, she didn’t look up to see me in the window. But what she did surprised me. When she got to the drainage cover, she jumped down and disappeared inside.

The whole episode had a dreamy, otherworldly character. I was reminded of “Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”, where strays cats lazed in a hidden vacant lot around a mysterious well, and of “Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World” with its subterranean network under Tokyo. And also of “Sputnik Sweetheart,” where a girl on a ferris wheel peers into her own apartment window – and sees herself sitting inside. It was a strange shock to see this still, dreamy world suddenly disrupted, to be transformed into an unwitting voyeur of the bizarre, still standing in my own bathroom.

Every time I go into the room now, I glance down.

The cats are gone.


25 04 2015


19 04 2015

Dharma Bangerz

19 04 2015

Strange coffee table combination.

More Latin passion…

19 04 2015

This week’s find: Adan Jodoroswky, a Spanish-language pop star in France. ┬áHe is also the son of the incredibly avant garde Chilean director Alejandro Jodoroswky ( of the psychedelic cult extravaganza “Holy Mountain).

HK foodie

19 04 2015

Breakfast in Lan Fong Yuen, on Gage Street, home until this month to the last street market in Central, which is now being cleared for redevelopment. This iconic diner remains though, where you can sit with tourists from Singapore and Korea to order the famous pork buns and yuanyang (milk tea mixed with coffee).

Lunch: back to 3 Thirds for moqueca (Brazilian fish-and-coconut stew), broccoli salad, eggplant with hummus, yogurt and pomegrenate seeds and lemon pancakes.

Dessert: Malaysian “cha cha” place on Temple Street, famous for its bubur chacha desserts – sweet, soup like dish of beans, taro and coconut milk served hot. I opted though for a coffee-flavoured cream made with agave cactus.


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