19 03 2017


At The Instagram Pier

19 03 2017

A friend was leaving town this weekend, and hosted her “adieu Hong Kong” bash at the ‘Instagram Pier’, a cargo loading bay that has become a de facto public park in cramped Hong Kong. Located along the Kennedy Town waterfront, it was known for many years as a gathering spot for Hokkien-speaking seniors to play mahjong and listen to Chinese opera ( there was some there this weekend) as well as a premium spot for thrill-seekers to watch typhoon waves during the Summer storms. Recently, it has been adopted by hipsters and those seeking the perfect Hong Kong harbour sunset pic (hence the name).

Arriving on a cold and drizzly Saturday night, we walked past vast piles of bamboo poles, ready to be hauled across town for construction projects, by the lines of bobbing tugboats in the dark sea and into the shelter afforded by a little cargo hut. People were walking dogs with neon-glowing collars, cruising past on bikes or skateboards, someone was flying a drone. A woman in a red dress was doing a photo-shoot and some girls were shooting a semi-professional-looking music video while a large group of young Japanese lay on tatami mats, having a picnic.

The highlight though was an impromptu serenade by a string quartet, playing atop a grafittied cargo crate. They popped up, played beautifully and then melted away again into the night…


The art of Izumi Kato

19 03 2017


13 03 2017


Aguas de Marco

13 03 2017

Its March, and the humidity is back: the Waters of March indeed. While playing this song for my boyfriend I discovered, for the first time, the English lyrics – a masterpiece of stream of consciousness poetry in themselves, even without the jaunty tune:

A stick, a stone,
It’s the end of the road,
It’s the rest of a stump,
It’s a little alone
It’s a sliver of glass,
It is life, it’s the sun,
It is night, it is death,
It’s a trap, it’s a gun
The oak when it blooms,
A fox in the brush,
A knot in the wood,
The song of a thrush
The wood of the wind,
A cliff, a fall,
A scratch, a lump,
It is nothing at all
It’s the wind blowing free,
It’s the end of the slope,
It’s a beam, it’s a void,
It’s a hunch, it’s a hope
And the river bank talks
of the waters of March,
It’s the end of the strain,
The joy in your heart
The foot, the ground,
The flesh and the bone,
The beat of the road,
A slingshot’s stone
A fish, a flash,
A silvery glow,
A fight, a bet,
The range of a bow
The bed of the well,
The end of the line,
The dismay



Hong Kong weekend

13 03 2017


It was a full weekend this week, starting with a dinner at the North Point cooked food market at Tung Po, a famed local cafeteria with dozens of tables under fluorescent strip lighting, rowdy groups singing and cheering, succulent garlic-chicken and rockstar-like head chef Robbie ( sadly not in evidence on the night we went). Its a true only-in-Hong Kong experience. Afterwards our group of  Swiss, Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Aussies and Brazilians had planned  to try out a new bar called Visage 1 which is apparently a barber by day and jazz bar by day, but failing to find it we sat outside in the muggy evening outside a French restaurant drinking white beer and talking into the night.

IMG_8009.JPG IMG_7992.JPG IMG_8020.JPG

The next day, after a late start and a less-than-satisfying lunch at local fast food joint Fairwood, we headed into the throng of Mongkok for record shopping, digging through the crates of vinyl at at the Sino Centre, a nondescript-looking building filled with otaku stores selling toys, comics and old CDs, and the President Centre (aka Thai voodoo mall). We were slowed down considerably by a long Taoist parade unexpectedly closing down much of Nathan Road.



After this we took the train to Shatin to meet up with friends and visit the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Shatin, currently hosting an exhibition of artwork inspired by the work of Chinese author Jin Yong (Louis Cha) whose works such as “Tale of the Eagle-hunting heroes” have thrilled generations across the Chinese-speaking world.


Finally,  a great homecooked meal with friends and a quick listen to the Sound of Music on vinyl before it was time for bed, and a brand new week.




♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

13 03 2017