26 05 2015

Happy Toby To You!

26 05 2015

Currently on at Times Square in Causeway Bay, an exhibition marking the tenth anniversary of the “iconic” (I had never heard of him) ‘Happy Toby’ figure by artist Gary Baseman. He is kind of cute though.

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Grace Jones…

26 05 2015

Happy 67th birthday to the one and only…

The Strange Weekend

26 05 2015

On Friday night, as the city prepared for a three day-long weekend, the dark clouds that had been hanging low all week were rumbling. By Saturday, a torrent of rain, tropical in volume, was falling over the city. Through splashed windscreens, the Mongkok streets were a blur of neon and rain drops on glass. Lying in my bed I listened to sheets of water falling on to the hillsides, rushing down the drainage canals and emptying into the bloated, yellowy brown Aberdeen Harbour.

It was a weekend for sleeping in late, lazy mornings and still-muggy afternoons. On Sunday the boyfriend and I braved the humidity for a trip to Soho to eat char siu and shop at PMQ for colorful summerwear and sourdough bread, before beating a quick retreat home.

We celebrated the Buddha’s Birthday holiday with a vegetarian feast at Branto, a little upstairs restaurant in TST, packed full of local Indian families and serving delicious and authentic Indian food.

On the Monday my mother was back in town, on a quick pitstop from Europe, and miraculously the skies cleared. I had planned a trip to the islands but my mum decided she would rather not face the heat and we saw a movie instead (Dior and I) and we spent an admittedly enjoyable afternoon lounging on the harbour-view terrace at Isola, eating pizza and drinking prosecco, instead.

By the time we got home though, the rain was falling again.

Art from Italy

26 05 2015

Sketches by Noelene Douglas.

Mulemba Xangola

26 05 2015

My personal rainy day song, from the Angolan singer Bonga, one of the country’s great voices. Here it is performed with Brazilians Marisa Monte and Carlinhos Brown.

The most beautiful street in the world?

26 05 2015

Rua Goncalo de Carvalho has recently popped up all over the internet, breathlessly introduced as the “most beautiful street in the world.” It certainly looks pretty special, shaded by green Bolivian rosewood trees planted in the 1930s and now enclosing the street entirely from the air in a green, leafy tunnel. The street is located in the Southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, noted for its progressive politics and (relative) wealth. The city is also a powerful cultural force in Brazil, home to artists Henrique Oliveira and Bruno 9Li and singers like Adriana Calcanhoto (below) and the great Elis Regina.


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