5 12 2016


Brazil, by Tomer Ifrah

5 12 2016

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Aberdeen: night

5 12 2016


Nighttime stroll through Aberdeen – a Porsche parked outside a pawn store, empty Tsui Wah and a surprise dragon.

img_1930 img_1923

Back to nature

5 12 2016


Osaka go-go boy Yuta Brave takes a camping trip for J-gay mag, Badi. More (NSFW) pics after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

4 12 2016


Low-key weekend

4 12 2016


It was a low-key weekend this week, dinner with a friend on the backstreets of Wanchai around Stone Nullah Lane, work on Saturday, and then a film at the French Festival (Planetarium, pretty but pointless) in the gloriously 1960s City Hall Theatre. This was accompanied by dinner at Mak Mak with a delicious dessert of rice balls in warm salted coconut milk – yum!


Sunday was hazily white, with clear Winter sunshine streaming over the Lamma strait, and we lounged on the couch watching Project Runway, with homemade oatmeal with Earl Grey soy milk and avocado, plans for a hike unfulfilled. Sometimes you just have to take it easy😉


Below: the preternaturally pretty Lily Rose Depp, who starred in Planetarium:

Strange blessings on the walk to work

4 12 2016


Walking to work recently, I have made a new friend. Every morning, and most evenings I see him – or her? – standing in the exact same spot, staring down into the (surprisingly clean) waters of the Wong Chuk Hang canal as I walk to and from work along the narrow park-like ribbon of greenery on the other bank. As well as this regular companion, a Malayan night heron, there are often two snowy egrets, although they sit in different perches each day. Such a small thing, but I realised recently, that it makes me very happy. In a city like Hong Kong, how many people are lucky enough to have a commute like this: a walk to work, through a park no less, filled with these amazing birds?

And the other day I felt doubly blessed to look up and see strange formations in the skies – clouds or chem trails – including a conspicuous cross dangling in the heavens above the Catholic seminary!