The floors of Paris

5 09 2015

via MessyNessyChic.

Paris match

19 06 2015

Messynessy is a cool, only vaguely hipster guide to offbeat and kitschy things worldwide, but it is particularly strong on Paris. See, for example, this guide to the French capital Wes Anderson-style which features heavily one of my own favourite Parisian discoveries, the amazing Musee de la Chasse et Nature – the Hunting Museum. Read my full report of it here.

Elsewhere, the site has a guide to the city’s nightspots curated by one of my current faves, Franco-Hispanic troubador, Adamanowsky.

Sound of the underground

29 09 2014

Images from London’s fun-looking and chekily-named hip hop club night, “Its a hard cock life” featuring performer Prince Kongo (above).

Shit London

6 05 2012

Other than my own guidebook to  Bangkok, this is my favourite current travel book; its a celebration of London’s drab suburbs, tacky neighbourhood stores and general shitness – but from a place of love.


There is also a website here.

26 12 2011


Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland

26 12 2011


26 12 2011

Trips to Germany are different for me that to anywhere else. Instead of being out and about, submerging myself in the local culture on the streets, I’m coccooned in it at D’s family house. Hamburg is about playing with the nephews, eating salami in the sunny little kitchen, sleeping in and going a little bit cabin-crazy. I barely really saw the city. A night out at the clubs was cancelled and replaced with a game of Xbox with D’s friends. Amsterdam was briefly glimpsed as a haze of bright lights and cute little shops by the canals for an anniversary dinner. But most of the holiday was spent at home,contentedly lazing…and raiding some old family photo albums: