21st century boy

12 02 2017

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Meet the new face of Seoul, 16-year-old Nigerian-Korean model Han Hyun Min, who broke out at this year’s Seoul Fashion Week. Sign o’ the times.


I’ll be the next installment… ;)

26 01 2017

Johnny Hooker

25 01 2017

Recife’s Johnny Hooker has taken Brazil by storm with his re-imagining of the gender-bending 70s and early 80s rock years. In one interview he called David Bowie the Father, Madonna the Mother and Caetano Veloso the Holy Spirit, his personal trinity, although the glam trappings of Ney Matogrosso and Cazuza are also easy to detect.

Jihae, “The Model”

25 01 2017

The Melbourne Summer look

31 12 2016


Local brand Gorman, whose summery prints have been dominating the city streets.

Kylie: showgirl

25 12 2016

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Resplendent in the brass-and-plush-velvet foyer of the Victorian Arts Centre is this free exhibition of stage costumes by hometown showgirl Kylie Minogue. These range from her Hajime Sorayama robo-muse (circa “Can’t get You Out of My Head”) to Aussie-flag emblazoned and heavily shoulder-pad-endowed 1980s jackets.

Pieter Hugo

12 12 2016

Jamaican porn star fashion shoots, Nigerian hyena-men and Carnival fools in                           South African photographer Pieter Hugo’s powerful portrait work.