Dinner at Le Du

11 08 2017




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11 08 2017
Miszcz Galaktyki

I’ve been reading your blog since 2010. Sent you a playlist of polish songs some time ago. I noticed that you’re into vegan and vegetarian food lately. Perhaps it’s time for a trip to Warsaw – 3rd best city for vegans in the world:

11 08 2017
Miszcz Galaktyki

And a video about Warsaw vegan food scene.

12 08 2017

Thanks. Yeah my partner has been a ” flexitarian” and he has Been a good influence on me 😉 I’d love to go to europe again. I’m hoping maybe next year. Poland would be cool so you never know – And I enjoyed the music you sent me! Did you see that Inposted about ut? 🙂

13 08 2017
Miszcz Galaktyki

No I didn’t see it because I got lost in your posts and I don’t know where I actually wrote it. You could provide the link.

15 08 2017
Miszcz Galaktyki

Oh. You mean that you inposted the link to it in the blog. Yeah I’ve seen it. I thought you put some comments somewhere

15 08 2017
Miszcz Galaktyki

Someone actually subrscribed to my youtube channel after you posted it in your blog. I don’t know if it was one of the readers of your blog or was it actually you? Cos I got a whole one subscriber now that made me very happy lol

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