21 09 2014

Friday night report

21 09 2014

Friday night was one of those fun, slightly random nights that happen (if you are lucky) in the big city. I hadn’t had one for a while. It started with a friend of a friend’s restaurant opening – a new retro-themed Thai/Western/50s/70s place called Oldish, before progressing to the LKF party central apartment of a friend’s random friend, a Sydney fashion designer, before ending up at XXX, the underground (literally) club in Sai Ying Pun which was hosting a party/exhibition of gay couples kissing. Unfortunately, the party was dead. We were practically the only people there. Lame. Hong Kong has such a stale nightlife culture, but when people do try to do something different, no-one supports them :(

Regardless of this however, we had fun. Louis and I  returned home at 2am after a full night of selfie-posing, blurry taxi trips, footpath fashion-posing, Major Lazer bootie dancing, new friends, old friends and rolling around in the back of pick-up trucks. A great night all up and a worthy prelude to an otherwise lazy weekend of Project Runway. ;)


21 09 2014

Hong Kong city bobo life – coffee, clothes, clubs

21 09 2014

I dropped by “Elephant Grounds,” a recently-hyped new cafe in Gough Street (where Sheung Wan meets Midlevels, just down from funky homewares store Homeless and a near-legendary beef brisket joint). Despite its evident popularity (well done, PR people) the venue turned out to be a bit of a disappointment to me, really little more than a takeaway coffee counter (no food menu) in the back of an admittedly interesting sneaker/backpack/knick knack store called WOAW (World of amazing wonders.) The coffee was nice enough though and apparently they are serving the “butter coffee” I couldn’t find in Melbourne, although its not on the menu.

Meanwhile, I’m more excited by the fact that the Urban Outfitters label is opening in Hong Kong on September 30th, in Lab at Admiralty. I’m not big on “brands” but I am fan of this one, and I’ve bought quite a lot of their stuff on trips in Hamburg and New York.

Also, I discovered an OK-sounding nightlife event I would like to support (scroll up for story above for some context). Drop, the swanky (but tiny) “Club” (more of a bar really) has a Wednesday night event featuring soul-funk music by the likes of Grace Jones and the Salsoul Orchestra – seemingly quite a step up from the dull tracks played in most HK clubs. Its called Fantastic Voyage. I’ll have to plan a nocturnal excursion midweek to try it out.


Zhala – I’m in Love

21 09 2014


16 09 2014

It was a rather unsatisfying weekend – I was sick under the effect of a lingering cold and so missed out on the planned highlight, a hike to an “infinity pool” on Lantau Island (above) which has recently become a popular destination for weekend jaunts. I did however manage to go to my first every “Australian Property expo” (so grown-up!) which was quite informative and catch up briefly with a visiting friend from Oz, before seeing a film (below).

Then on Tuesday a typhoon swept into town, bringing rain, stormy winds and a day at home from work.


Praia do Futuro

16 09 2014

Praia do Futuro is a slick, stylishly-filmed gay romance from Brazil which falls curiously flat. On paper it would seem to tick all the boxes, for me at least: gay sex, Brazil, stylish cinematography and an exotic arthouse director, Brazilian-Algerian Cannes juror Karim Ainuz. But in the event, I found the relationship between a moody Brazilian life guard and German motorcyclist oddly uncompelling. We knew so little about either character (dialogue is sparse) that in the end I didn’t really care if they ended up together or not. Shame. Plus, some scenes seemed rather forced – like when the lovers strip off and stand on rocks watching waves breaking while they laugh. Who does that?

The film was on as part of Hong Kong’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, on now.


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