21 12 2014

The weeknd

21 12 2014

This weekend was a surprisingly rich and exciting one – the perfect way to kick off my Christmas break before I fly out. Perhaps this was because it started off with an auspicious omen – a small flock of eagles circling over the Aberdeen waterfall as I walked home from work on Friday.

After that, it just got better. I got a new Tshirt at Urban Outfitters. I had dinner at a restaurant with a secret door (scroll down). I saw a great Japanese design exhibit (down again) and an interesting movie (and again.)

I met up with a great friend who was in town, shared fruit salad and in-jokes with Louis and cosied up to Hello Kitty.

I listened to the new Damon Albarn album while hurrying through the cold streets of Causeway Bay, brightly lit and bustling under pitch black Winter skies. I ate at a celebrity’s mother’s restaurant in Tai Hang and had molecular ice cream for dessert.

On Sunday I enjoyed a lazy Spanish lunch on a balcony above the sparkling seas at Stanley, on a beautiful crisp, sunny day, and later watched the sun set at a surprisingly romantic new spot. And I discovered -to top it all off – that I can buy a fake iPhone 6 case to “upgrade” my old 4S into the semblence of a latest model, for only HKD 100 in Wanchai.

All in all, not far from the perfect Hong Kong weekend.

The Secret Door

21 12 2014


Mrs Pound is the hottest new restaurant/bar on the Hong Kong block, generating buzz for its super-fun conceit. The venue is concealed within the false front of an innocuous-looking traditional Chinese storefront on Sheung Wan’s Pound Lane, and accessible only via a “secret button”.


And in…

Once within, the decor changes suddenly to a pink and green luxe diner, complete with glowing gym rings, neon art and randomly attached butterflies. The food, moreover, lives up to the space with tasty and interesting portions of Vietnamese-ish food and some nice drinks.

A cool night out for those in the know.

Hello Kitty

21 12 2014


Japanese posters – cherry blossoms and asceticism

21 12 2014

This exhibition of Japanese poster art is currently on at the impressive if under-publicised ( I didn’t now it existed) Hong Kong Design Institute, in the obscure suburb of Tiu Keng Leng.

Another the soaring vaulted canopy of the interesting brutalist building, and surely its longest elevator, the exbhibition contains a variety of striking commercial and theoretical designs from artists like Kazumasa Nagai and (uncredited) Nagi Noda.

A really nice touch was the Tokyo-recorded ambient noise played in the exhibition hall complete with natsukashii Yamanote train announcements!

Bittersweet boyhood

21 12 2014

I decided to watch “Boyhood”, a movie which had slipped past me completely on release, after seeing it feature prominently on several “best of 2014″ lists. It certainly is unique, I’ll give it that. The film follows two actors, a boy and his sister, from childhood into adulthood, using the same actors over a seven year period to paint a picture of, well, a boyhood.

Its a very interesting film in some ways (for example its lack of a defined narrative structure, meant to echo the lack of resolution in actual life) and quite dull in others (for the same reason!). Yet a day after I saw it, Louis and I have found ourselves thinking about it and returning to it several times.

What is it like to catch real life on film? Why was the character of the sister so cariacatured and one-dimensional? Was that on purpose, because thats how we so often see our siblings? Around the halfway mark when the viewer suddenly gets a whole new view to the beleagured mother (played by Patricia Arquette), is it poor storytelling or is it meant to represent the sudden awareness of his mother as a human being by the now-teenaged protagonist?

There are so many loose ends, so many characters who drift in and out and disappear. Is this what our lives are like?

Damon Albarn

21 12 2014


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