21 10 2014

Pélico: Você Não Entende Nada

21 10 2014

New Brazilian artist Pélico covers Caetano Veloso.

Trip the light fantastic

21 10 2014

Artist Bill Fitzgibbon’s inspired installation in an art deco traffic tunnel in Birmingham, Alabama.

21 10 2014

The iconic noughties Tokyo comic book series Tokyo Tribe is now a movie – a live action “hip hop opera” no less, from schlocky B-movie master Sono Sion (of “Cold Fish”.)

Its on in Hong Kong next month as part of the Asian Film Festival. I hope to check it out.

All the news thats fit to print?

21 10 2014

Recently, in my gloomy incapacitation, I have started reading Nigeria’s Daily Post newspaper online. Its a fascinating, yet depressing, read. While I was researching my book on Bangkok I became fascinated with the Thai populist tabloid press and its predelictions with mutated animals, lottery number predictions, gruesome photographs of crime/accident victims and any combination thereof. Nigeria’s mass press seems to follow along similar lines – stories about witches who transform into birds appear alongside goats that give birth to humans and humans who give birth to “goats” (clearly a mutated human foetus.) It might all be ghoulish fun and games were you not to read a little bit deeper – the “bird woman” died in hospital. Why? Although the newspaper denies it, it seems likely she was beaten by a witch-hunting mob.

The more you read the sadder it gets – prurient stories about celebrities who are GAY!!!!!(which would earn a hefty prison sentence in this backwards country), plentiful rapes and deaths in internecine ethnic squabbles and pastors stealing money to build churches.

And stories like this that would be funny if they weren’t so damned ignorant. Sigh.

Kylie throws a curveball

21 10 2014

…with this unexpected tidbit. Here she is singing the signature song “Crave U” from Sydney nu-disco heads Flight Facilities, seemingly in an East London squat. Does this mean she is on their upcoming album?

20 10 2014


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